At the start of 2010 we found pellet as grat energent for energy in future. Because of that we try to devolpe mix of raw materials to make the best surce of energy for ours customers. Our goal was to make sure that we have quality and then quantity. In whole process we made huge amount of loyal costumers, that is still growing

After several years of producing pellet we came to our limit. We coudn't make enought original product in quantity that was required. The only solution we had was to expand our production capacity. That was the only way we were able to meet the costumer needs, and also make sure our costumer number is still growing.

We are very confidnet that pellet is one of the best energents for energy as fossil resources are fading. We have prove it in past, and we will countinue to do it as well in future . Neutral coal-burning emissions in pellets provided in this significant contribution and an ecological alternative to the original energy supply.

Our ideal location for manufacturing plant was Bosnia and Herzegovina. The reason behind it was amount of 53% Europian forest that Bosnia and Herzegovina owns. The need for sawdust, remnants of plywood and wood wastes for the production of pellets is largely provided and allows us to continuously and uninterrupted supply our customers in the European market.

We are providers to our costumers. Satisfied costumers are our priority, independently are they the ultimate costumers or dealers, or communal institutions. Because of that we always cotrol the quality of our products. Only continued control can make sure high quality and optimal surce of energy pellet can provide.

You can alway try our products and see it for yourself.

We are happy for you to join us.