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Wood pellets is still very small part as a supplier of energy, but energy source “Biomas” which pellet is, is enough to secure humans need for energy. For a very long time, wood was the only supplier ,then we found coal, oil and natural gas.

Even thoug wood is the biggest and most accessible energent , we found reasons why pellets is out better choice. First off all, while growing, trees binds CO2. When we use it as a supplier of energy, we realse CO2 again - eternal circulation of  CO2-neautral. When it comes to natural energy, it has ability to absorb the sun's heat, that we use as a perfect supplier of warmth.

Europ is a continent, where wood as a supplier of energy is not a problem, because we use only 1/3 of wood of all europian forests for a supplier of warmth. Knowing that , we shouldn’t be worry about our woods, because people know well enough to make sure to to restore the forest.

Pellet is a new modern tehnick for heating, and it is better and faster way of restore the forest. Also, pellet is easier to use when it comes to central heating, other then wood, because it takes only one filler per day. Other than that, using pellet stove and silos, it takes much longer to cool down the place, which gives you a possibility to leave your house for a longer period.

Steigen auch Sie um auf Holzpellets. Pellets sind ein heimischer Energieträger, dessen Wertschöpfung in Europa erfolgt. Das Heizen mit Pellets ist deutlich preiswerter als Kohle, Öl, Gas oder Strom für eine Wärmepumpe und wird vom Staat grundsätzlich gefördert.